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Monday, April 16, 2018

Tastemaker of the NFL

This post originally appeared in the Blotch section of the Fort Worth Weekly's website. To consume it there :

In 1992, with the Super Bowl coming to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minnesota restauranteur Wayne Kostroski spearheaded a charity event designed to raise funds for hunger-related causes. Taste of the NFL still happens at every Super Bowl, and Kostroski is still involved. The event brings chefs from NFL cities together, and each prepares a signature dish. Ticket buyers get to munch on the fare and soak in the NFL atmosphere.

After Kostroski started the national event, a number of the league’s teams embraced the concept and began to do their own local versions. This past Sunday, Kostroski came to North Texas to observe the Dallas Cowboys’ party, and you’ll find out what he thinks of it in this video interview. 

Taste of the Cowboys features food from area chefs; Cowboys players, coaches, and alumni; and local bands (Big Joe Walker and the Jordan Kahn Orchestra this year). It turns out Kostroski plays bass and once toured as professional musician, so you’ll hear him ask me about the music at the end of the interview (although he had no way of knowing at that point that I also play bass – yeah, we bonded after that).

The night raises money for the North Texas Food Bank’s child programs and the event exceeded its fundraising goal this year. 

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